ilang  1.0.2
ILAng: A Modeling and Verification Platform for SoCs
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verilog_gen.h File Reference
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <vector>
#include <ilang/ila/instr_lvl_abs.h>

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class  ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase
 Base class of VerilogGenerator. More...
struct  ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase::rport_t
 type of read port More...
struct  ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase::wport_t
 type of write port More...
struct  ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase::mem_write_entry_t
 This is type of an individual write. More...
struct  ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase::mem_write_t
 This is the write and its associated condition. More...
struct  ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase::function_app_t
 Type of app func. More...
struct  ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase::state_update_unknown
 Type of ite update unknown. More...
struct  ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase::VlgGenConfig
 the structure to configure the verilog generator More...
class  ilang::VerilogGenerator
 Class of Verilog Generator. More...




typedef ExprHash ilang::VerilogGenHash

Detailed Description

Header for generating Verilog files Currently not supported

  1. Load(Store) / Load(ITE) / Load(MemConst) or their combination
  2. Function on memory

For 0-ary func, they will be treated as nondet apply the same nondet func twice, will generate two variables if you do want to share the nondet val, please reuse the sub-tree