ilang  1.0.2
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ilang::VlgAbsMem Struct Reference

a struct to store abstract memory More...

#include <absmem.h>

Public Types

using rport_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::rport_t
 type of read port
using wport_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::wport_t
 type of write port

Public Member Functions

 VlgAbsMem ()
 do nothing
void SetAddrWidth (unsigned w)
 SetAddrWidth, if already set, and different -> error.
void SetDataWidth (unsigned w)
std::string MemEQSignalName () const
 Get the memeq signal name.
std::string GeneratingMemModuleSignalsInstantiation (VerilogGeneratorBase &gen, const std::string &endCond)

Static Public Member Functions

static void OutputMemFile (std::ostream &os, bool avoid_issue_stage)
 Output the memory module to the stream.
static bool hasAbsMem ()
 Return true if there are abs mem used (strategy : ALL -> AUTO)
static void ClearAbsMemRecord ()
 reset concrete_level (per-target).

Public Attributes

std::map< unsigned, rport_tvlg_rports
 verilog read ports
std::map< unsigned, wport_tvlg_wports
 verilog write ports
std::map< unsigned, rport_tila_rports
 ila read ports
std::map< unsigned, wport_tila_wports
 ila write ports
bool read_abstract
 whether to abstract the memory read
unsigned concrete_level
 how many are considered to be concrete
unsigned data_width
 widths , 0 stands for unknown
unsigned addr_width
 widths , 0 stands for unknown
std::string ila_map_name
 which ila state it is mapped to
std::string mem_name
 the name in rfmap
std::vector< std::string > assumpts
 the assumptions it has

Detailed Description

a struct to store abstract memory

Member Function Documentation

◆ GeneratingMemModuleSignalsInstantiation()

std::string ilang::VlgAbsMem::GeneratingMemModuleSignalsInstantiation ( VerilogGeneratorBase gen,
const std::string &  endCond 

Get the memory module instantiation string, it will also add signals when necessary

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