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ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase::VlgGenConfig Struct Reference

the structure to configure the verilog generator More...

#include <verilog_gen.h>

Public Types

enum  funcOption { Internal, External }
 whether to treat function as internal module/external module

Public Member Functions

 VlgGenConfig (bool ExternalMem=true, funcOption funcOpt=funcOption::Internal, bool gen_start=false, bool pass_name=false, bool rand_init=false, bool ExpandMem=false, bool CollectIteUnknownUpdate=false)
 VlgGenConfig (const VlgGenConfig &c, bool ExternalMem, funcOption funcOpt, bool gen_start, bool rand_init, bool ExpandMem, bool CollectIteUnknownUpdate)
 Overwrite configuration, used by vtarget gen.

Public Attributes

bool extMem
enum ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase::VlgGenConfig::funcOption fcOpt
bool start_signal
 whether to have the start signal
bool pass_node_name
 whether to set vlg name according to the node name
bool reg_random_init
 whether to give random init to the register
bool expand_mem
bool collect_ite_unknown_update
 whether to collect the ite(c, v, unknown) thing

Detailed Description

the structure to configure the verilog generator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VlgGenConfig()

ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase::VlgGenConfig::VlgGenConfig ( bool  ExternalMem = true,
funcOption  funcOpt = funcOption::Internal,
bool  gen_start = false,
bool  pass_name = false,
bool  rand_init = false,
bool  ExpandMem = false,
bool  CollectIteUnknownUpdate = false 

Constructor, set default value, ExternalMem : false, function: internal module

Member Data Documentation

◆ expand_mem

bool ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase::VlgGenConfig::expand_mem

whether to expand the memory and connect everything to the outside cannot be true the same time as extMem

◆ extMem

bool ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase::VlgGenConfig::extMem

whether to export as a verilog array or an interface to operate external memory

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