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ilang::VerilogGenerator Class Reference

Class of Verilog Generator. More...

#include <verilog_gen.h>

Inheritance diagram for ilang::VerilogGenerator:

Public Types

using vlg_name_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_name_t
 Type of Verilog id names'.
using vlg_stmt_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_stmt_t
 Type of Verilog statement.
using vlg_addr_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_addr_t
 Type of Verilog address.
using vlg_data_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_data_t
 Type of Verilog data.
using vlg_stmts_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_stmts_t
 Type of Verilog statements (a vector)
using vlg_names_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_names_t
 Type of Verilog names (a vector)
using vlg_sig_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_sig_t
 Type of Verilog signal, name & bw.
using vlg_sigs_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_sigs_t
 Type of Verilog signals (a vector)
using vlg_sig_keep_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_sig_keep_t
 Type of a map: name -> need to add keep?
using vlg_sigs_set_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_sigs_set_t
 Type of set of Verilog signals.
using vlg_ite_stmt_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_ite_stmt_t
 Type of Verilog ITEs (IN sequential block)
using vlg_ite_stmts_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_ite_stmts_t
 Type of Verilog ITEs statements.
using vlg_mem_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_mem_t
 Type of the memorys that are going to be created.
using vlg_mems_rec_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::vlg_mems_rec_t
 Type of collection of memorys.
using mem_write_entry_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::mem_write_entry_t
 This is type of an individual write.
using mem_write_entry_list_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::mem_write_entry_list_t
 This is type of a list of writes.
using mem_write_entry_list_stack_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::mem_write_entry_list_stack_t
 Type of a stack of writes use in visitMemNodes.
using mem_write_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::mem_write_t
 This is the write and its associated condition.
using mem_write_list_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::mem_write_list_t
 List of writes w. associated conditions.
using ExprMap = VerilogGeneratorBase::ExprMap
 Type for caching the generated expressions.
using VlgGenConfig = VerilogGeneratorBase::VlgGenConfig
 the structure to configure the verilog generator
using function_app_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::function_app_t
 Type of function apply record.
using function_app_vec_t = VerilogGeneratorBase::function_app_vec_t
 Type of func app vector record.
- Public Types inherited from ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase
using IlaBoolValType = bool
 The type of bool value in ila.
using IlaBvValType = BvVal::BvValType
 The type of bitvector value in ila.
using IlaBvValUnsignedType = BvVal::BvValType
 The unsigned type of bitvector value in ila.
typedef std::string vlg_name_t
 Type of Verilog id names.
typedef std::string vlg_stmt_t
 Type of Verilog statement.
typedef std::string vlg_const_t
 Type of Verilog constants.
typedef std::string vlg_addr_t
 Type of Verilog address.
typedef std::string vlg_data_t
 Type of Verilog data.
typedef std::vector< vlg_name_tvlg_stmts_t
 Type of Verilog statements (a vector)
typedef std::vector< vlg_name_tvlg_names_t
 Type of Verilog names (a vector)
typedef std::pair< vlg_name_t, int > vlg_sig_t
 Type of Verilog signal, name & bw.
typedef std::vector< vlg_sig_tvlg_sigs_t
 Type of Verilog signals (a vector)
typedef std::map< vlg_name_t, int > vlg_sigs_map_t
 Type of Verilog signals (a vector)
typedef std::map< vlg_name_t, bool > vlg_sig_keep_t
 Type of a map: name -> need to add keep?
typedef std::set< vlg_sig_tvlg_sigs_set_t
 Type of set of Verilog signals.
typedef std::tuple< vlg_stmt_t, vlg_stmt_t, vlg_stmt_tvlg_ite_stmt_t
 Type of Verilog ITEs (IN sequential block)
typedef std::vector< vlg_ite_stmt_tvlg_ite_stmts_t
 Type of Verilog ITEs statements.
typedef std::tuple< vlg_name_t, int, int, int > vlg_mem_t
 Type of the memorys that are going to be created.
typedef std::map< vlg_name_t, vlg_mem_tvlg_mems_rec_t
 Type of collection of memorys.
typedef std::list< mem_write_entry_tmem_write_entry_list_t
 This is type of a list of writes.
typedef std::list< mem_write_entry_list_tmem_write_entry_list_stack_t
 Type of a stack of writes use in visitMemNodes.
typedef std::list< mem_write_tmem_write_list_t
 List of writes w. associated conditions.
typedef std::vector< function_app_tfunction_app_vec_t
typedef std::map< std::string, state_update_unknownstate_update_ite_unknown_map_t
typedef std::unordered_map< const ExprPtr, vlg_name_t, VerilogGenHashExprMap
 Type for caching the generated expressions.
typedef std::map< std::pair< IlaBvValType, unsigned >, vlg_name_tCnstMap
 Type for cacheing the constant.
typedef std::map< std::string, bool > memory_export_annotation_t
 Type for memory annotation.

Public Member Functions

 VerilogGenerator (const VlgGenConfig &config=VlgGenConfig(), const std::string &modName="", const std::string &clk="clk", const std::string &rst="rst")
void ExportIla (const InstrLvlAbsPtr &ila_ptr_)
 Parse an ILA, will gen all its instructions.
void ExportTopLevelInstr (const InstrPtr &instr_ptr_)
 Parse an instruction.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase
void add_input (const vlg_name_t &n, int w)
 record an input signal
void add_output (const vlg_name_t &n, int w)
 record an output signal
void add_wire (const vlg_name_t &n, int w, bool keep=false)
 record a wire
void add_reg (const vlg_name_t &n, int w)
 record a register
void add_stmt (const vlg_stmt_t &s)
 record a stmt (outside the always block)
void add_assign_stmt (const vlg_name_t &l, const vlg_name_t &r)
 record an assignment stmt (outside the always block), will call add_stmt
void add_always_stmt (const vlg_stmt_t &s)
void add_init_stmt (const vlg_stmt_t &s)
 record an assignemnt in the always block (in if(rst) branch )
void add_ite_stmt (const vlg_stmt_t &cond, const vlg_stmt_t &tstmt, const vlg_stmt_t &fstmt)
void add_internal_mem (const vlg_name_t &mem_name, int addr_width, int data_width, int entry_num)
 record an internal memory
void add_external_mem (const vlg_name_t &mem_name, int addr_width, int data_width, int entry_num)
 record an external memory
void add_preheader (const vlg_stmt_t &stmt)
 add an item to the preheader
 VerilogGeneratorBase (const VlgGenConfig &config=VlgGenConfig(), const std::string &modName="", const std::string &clk="clk", const std::string &rst="rst")
virtual void DumpToFile (std::ostream &fout) const
void AnnotateMemory (const memory_export_annotation_t &annotation)
 add memory annotation, please invoke right after constructor


class TestVerilogExport
 let the test class use this module

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase
static vlg_name_t sanitizeName (const vlg_name_t &n)
 sanitize a name string, so it will generate illegal verilog identifier
static vlg_name_t sanitizeName (const ExprPtr &n)
static vlg_const_t ToVlgNum (IlaBvValType value, unsigned width)
 will force to be hex
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase
bool check_reserved_name (const vlg_name_t &n) const
 Check if a name is reserved (clk/rst/modulename/decodeName/ctrName)
vlg_name_t new_id ()
 get a new id
vlg_name_t new_id (const ExprPtr &e)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase
static int get_width (const ExprPtr &n)
 Get the width of an ExprPtr, must be supported sort.
static std::string WidthToRange (int w)
 convert a widith to a verilog string
- Protected Attributes inherited from ilang::VerilogGeneratorBase
vlg_name_t moduleName
 Verilog Module Name.
vlg_name_t clkName
 Clock signal name.
vlg_name_t rstName
 Reset signal name.
vlg_names_t decodeNames
vlg_name_t validName
vlg_name_t startName
 start signal name, may not be used
vlg_sig_t grantAccName
vlg_sig_t decodeAccName
 accumulated decode signals
vlg_name_t counterName
 The name of internal counter.
vlg_sigs_map_t inputs
 vector of input signals
vlg_sigs_map_t outputs
 vector of output signals
vlg_sigs_t mem_i
 vector of memory input signals
vlg_sigs_t mem_o
 vector of memory output signals
vlg_sigs_t mem_probe_o
 vector of signals that probe each element of a memory
vlg_sigs_map_t wires
 vector of wires to be defined
vlg_sig_keep_t wires_keep
 a map to store if a wire needs to keep
vlg_sigs_t regs
 vector of regs to be defined
vlg_mems_rec_t mems_internal
 vector of mems to be defined
vlg_mems_rec_t mems_external
 vector of mems from outside (will not be defined)
vlg_stmts_t init_stmts
vlg_stmts_t init_assumpts
vlg_stmts_t statements
 statements to be outside the always block
vlg_stmts_t always_stmts
 statements to be used in the always block but out of the reset
vlg_ite_stmts_t ite_stmts
vlg_stmt_t preheader
 For auxiliary definitions.
ExprMap nmap
 The map to cache the expression (we only need to store the name)
CnstMap cmap
mem_write_list_t current_writes
 For traverse a mem expression.
mem_write_list_t past_writes
vlg_sigs_set_t all_valid_names
 to hold all valid names, a sanity check
std::map< std::string, std::map< unsigned, rport_t > > ila_rports
std::map< std::string, std::map< unsigned, wport_t > > ila_wports
 ila write ports
function_app_vec_t ila_func_app
 a collection of all function application
state_update_ite_unknown_map_t state_update_ite_unknown
 a collection of all state update ite unknown
memory_export_annotation_t memory_export_annotation
unsigned idCounter
 The id counter.
const VlgGenConfig cfg_
 The configuration.
std::map< std::string, std::string > reference_name_set
 reference name list
std::set< FuncPtrfunc_ptr_set

Detailed Description

Class of Verilog Generator.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VerilogGenerator()

ilang::VerilogGenerator::VerilogGenerator ( const VlgGenConfig config = VlgGenConfig(),
const std::string &  modName = "",
const std::string &  clk = "clk",
const std::string &  rst = "rst" 
[in]Topmodule name, if empty, get it from instruction name
[in]clocksignal name
[in]resetsignal name

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