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ilang::VerilogConstantExprEval Class Reference

The class to convert a constant expr to an integer number. More...

#include <verilog_const_parser.h>

Public Types

typedef std::pair< ast_module_declaration *, ast_module_instantiation * > param_hier_item_t
 An item in the hierarchy.
typedef std::vector< param_hier_item_tparam_def_hierarchy
 The hierarchy.
typedef std::map< std::string, double > named_parameter_dict_t
 named parameter dictionary
typedef std::vector< double > ordered_parameter_dict_t
 ordered paramater dictionary

Public Member Functions

 VerilogConstantExprEval ()
 input : the string to evaluate
void PopulateParameterDefByHierarchy (const param_def_hierarchy &hier, ast_module_declaration *current_module)
 parse a hierarchy
double Eval (ast_expression *_s)
 Get the value.
bool error () const
 Get parsing error.

Protected Member Functions

virtual double _eval (ast_expression *e, const named_parameter_dict_t &param_defs)
void ParseCurrentModuleParameters (ast_module_declaration *m, const named_parameter_dict_t &named_parameter_override, const ordered_parameter_dict_t &ordered_parameter_override, named_parameter_dict_t &output_parameter_dict)

Protected Attributes

bool eval_error
 record if there was an error in eval
std::string error_str
 record the errorneous part:
named_parameter_dict_t current_module_param_defs
 to record the variable binding in the current module

Detailed Description

The class to convert a constant expr to an integer number.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ParseCurrentModuleParameters()

void ilang::VerilogConstantExprEval::ParseCurrentModuleParameters ( ast_module_declaration *  m,
const named_parameter_dict_t named_parameter_override,
const ordered_parameter_dict_t ordered_parameter_override,
named_parameter_dict_t output_parameter_dict 

parse only the current module's parameter definitions, will update param_defs

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