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ilang::VerilogAnalyzer Class Reference

Class for Verilog analysis. More...

#include <verilog_analysis.h>

Inheritance diagram for ilang::VerilogAnalyzer:

Public Types

using path_vec_t = VerilogAnalyzerBase::path_vec_t
 type to store multiple paths
using vlg_loc_t = VerilogAnalyzerBase::vlg_loc_t
 filename, line number pair : location type
typedef std::map< std::string, ast_module_declaration * > name_module_ast_map_t
 A map to find module ast faster.
using name_names_map_t = VerilogAnalyzerBase::name_names_map_t
 A map of name -> names.
using mod_inst_t = VerilogAnalyzerBase::mod_inst_t
 type of modulename instance name : instance_name->module_name
using name_insts_map_t = VerilogAnalyzerBase::name_insts_map_t
 A map of module name -> instantiation.
using hierarchical_name_type = VerilogAnalyzerBase::hierarchical_name_type
 The result of querying a name (please don't change the order of them)
using name_type_buffer_t = VerilogAnalyzerBase::name_type_buffer_t
 hierarchical name -> hierarchical_name_type map
using name_decl_buffer_t = VerilogAnalyzerBase::name_decl_buffer_t
 hierarchical name -> declaration pointer
using module_io_vec_t = VerilogAnalyzerBase::module_io_vec_t
 Top module signal list.
typedef std::map< std::string, ast_module_instantiation * > mod_inst_ast_t
 type of instance_name -> instance_ast_node
typedef std::map< std::string, mod_inst_ast_tname_insts_ast_map_t
 A map of module name -> the instantiation ast.
- Public Types inherited from ilang::VerilogAnalyzerBase
enum  hierarchical_name_type {
 The result of querying a name (please don't change the order of them)
typedef std::vector< std::string > path_vec_t
 type to store multiple paths
typedef std::pair< std::string, long > vlg_loc_t
 filename, line number pair : location type
typedef std::map< std::string, std::vector< std::string > > name_names_map_t
 A map of name -> names.
typedef std::map< std::string, std::string > mod_inst_t
 type of modulename instance name : instance_name->module_name
typedef std::map< std::string, mod_inst_tname_insts_map_t
 A map of module name -> instantiation.
typedef std::map< std::string, hierarchical_name_typename_type_buffer_t
 hierarchical name -> hierarchical_name_type map
typedef std::map< std::string, void * > name_decl_buffer_t
 hierarchical name -> declaration pointer
typedef std::map< std::string, SignalInfoBasemodule_io_vec_t
 Top module signal list.

Public Member Functions

 VerilogAnalyzer (const path_vec_t &include_path, const path_vec_t &srcs, const std::string &top_module_inst_name, const std::string &optional_top_module)
 ~VerilogAnalyzer ()
 Destructor: clear vlg parser things.
hierarchical_name_type check_hierarchical_name_type (const std::string &net_name) const
 Return the type of a name (used externally, cached)
vlg_loc_t find_definition_of_signal (const std::string &net_name) const
 Return the file location of the definition of a signal.
vlg_loc_t find_definition_of_a_module (const std::string &module_name) const
 Return the file location of the definition of a module.
void * find_declaration_of_name (const std::string &net_name) const
vlg_loc_t name2loc (const std::string &net_name) const
 Return the location of a hierarchical name.
vlg_loc_t get_module_inst_loc (const std::string &inst_name) const
 Return the location of a module instantiation.
std::string get_top_module_name () const
 Return top module name.
module_io_vec_t get_top_module_io (const std::map< std::string, int > *const width_info=NULL) const
 Return top module signal.
SignalInfoBase get_signal (const std::string &net_name, const std::map< std::string, int > *const width_info=NULL) const
 Find a signal.
vlg_loc_t get_endmodule_loc (const std::string &inst_name) const
 Return the location of a module's endmodule statement.
std::string get_module_name_of_net_name (const std::string &net_name) const
 Return the module name of a net — will check if the module names are.
bool get_hierarchy_from_full_name (const std::string &full_name, VerilogConstantExprEval::param_def_hierarchy &hier, ast_module_declaration **lowest_level) const
bool in_bad_state () const
 whether this analyzer is in bad state
- Public Member Functions inherited from ilang::VerilogAnalyzerBase
 VerilogAnalyzerBase ()
 Constructor: do nothing.
virtual ~VerilogAnalyzerBase ()
 do nothing!

Static Public Member Functions

static std::ostream & PrintMeta (std::ostream &os, const ast_metadata &md)
 Print Meta info (Usage PrintMeta(os, ?? ) << ?? ; )
template<class T >
static std::ostream & PrintMetaAst (std::ostream &os, const T *n)
 Print the meta of an Ast node (cannot be void* , has to be converted)
static vlg_loc_t Meta2Loc (const ast_metadata &md)
 Convert ast_meta to location.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ilang::VerilogAnalyzerBase
static bool is_reg (hierarchical_name_type tp_)
 decide if a type is a register (port w or wo internal def / internal)
static bool is_wire (hierarchical_name_type tp_)
 decide if the type is a wire (port w or wo internal def / internal)
static bool no_internal_def (hierarchical_name_type tp_)
 decide if a type has no internal def
static bool is_module (hierarchical_name_type tp_)
 decide if a type is module
static bool is_io_sig (hierarchical_name_type tp_)
 decide if it is port signal
static bool is_input (hierarchical_name_type tp_)
 decide if it is input signal
static bool is_output (hierarchical_name_type tp_)
 decide if it is output signal
static std::ostream & PrintLoc (std::ostream &os, const vlg_loc_t &loc)
 Print location info.

Protected Member Functions

void invoke_parser ()
 invoke the parser to parse the files
void find_top_module (verilog_source_tree *source, const std::string &optional_top_module)
 extract the top module name
void check_resolve_modules (verilog_source_tree *source)
 check the result of module resolution and update the name_module_map;
void create_module_submodule_map (verilog_source_tree *source)
 Update the modules_to_submodules_map.

Protected Attributes

path_vec_t vlg_include_path
 include path for all verilog modules
path_vec_t vlg_src_files
 verilog source files
std::string top_module_name
 top module name
name_module_ast_map_t name_module_map
 a map from name to module ast
name_names_map_t module_to_whereuses_map
 module -> instantiations
name_insts_map_t modules_to_submodules_map
 module -> all sub modules
name_insts_ast_map_t modules_to_submodule_inst_ast_map
 module -> all sub modules and their instantiation ast
std::string top_inst_name

Static Protected Attributes

static unsigned instance_count

Detailed Description

Class for Verilog analysis.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VerilogAnalyzer()

ilang::VerilogAnalyzer::VerilogAnalyzer ( const path_vec_t include_path,
const path_vec_t srcs,
const std::string &  top_module_inst_name,
const std::string &  optional_top_module 

Analyze a set of file [in] the path to search for include [in] the source files [in] the instance name given to the topmodule

Member Function Documentation

◆ find_declaration_of_name()

void* ilang::VerilogAnalyzer::find_declaration_of_name ( const std::string &  net_name) const

Return the declaration of a name, which could be be converted to: ast_module_declaration, ast_net_declaration, ast_reg_declaration, ast_port_declaration

◆ get_hierarchy_from_full_name()

bool ilang::VerilogAnalyzer::get_hierarchy_from_full_name ( const std::string &  full_name,
VerilogConstantExprEval::param_def_hierarchy hier,
ast_module_declaration **  lowest_level 
) const

Get the hierarchy information needed by constant parser returns true if succeed

Member Data Documentation

◆ instance_count

unsigned ilang::VerilogAnalyzer::instance_count

static instance count, we must make sure there is only one instance of it at a time o.w. it will mess up w. the C code

◆ top_inst_name

std::string ilang::VerilogAnalyzer::top_inst_name

we need to know what instance name we would give for the topmodule, inorder to resolve signal names;

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