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ilang::SignalInfoPort Class Reference

Class to convert port to signal info. More...

#include <verilog_analysis.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SignalInfoPort (ast_port_declaration *def, const std::string &full_name, VerilogAnalyzerBase::hierarchical_name_type tp, const std::map< std::string, int > *const width_info, const VerilogAnalyzer *_ana)
ast_port_declaration * get_def ()
 Return its definition.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ilang::SignalInfoBase
virtual unsigned get_width () const
virtual bool is_io_sig () const
 Whether is a IO signal.
virtual bool no_internal_def () const
 Whether it is defined only at the port.
virtual bool is_reg () const
 Whether it is a register.
virtual bool is_input () const
 Whether it is an input signal.
virtual bool is_output () const
 Whether it is an output signal.
virtual bool is_bad_signal () const
 Whether this info is usable.
virtual VerilogAnalyzerBase::hierarchical_name_type get_type () const
 return its type
virtual VerilogAnalyzerBase::vlg_loc_t get_decl_loc () const
 Return its location.
virtual std::string get_signal_name () const
 Return is own name.
virtual std::string get_hierarchical_name () const
 Return its hierarchical name.
 SignalInfoBase (const std::string &n, const std::string &h, unsigned w, const VerilogAnalyzerBase::hierarchical_name_type &typ, const VerilogAnalyzerBase::vlg_loc_t &loc)
 ------------------— ACCESSORS ----------------— ///

Protected Attributes

ast_port_declaration * _def
 Stores its own definition.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ilang::SignalInfoBase
const std::string _name
const std::string _hierarchical_name
 full name
const unsigned _width
 width of the signal
const VerilogAnalyzerBase::hierarchical_name_type _type
 its type
const VerilogAnalyzerBase::vlg_loc_t _loc
 its location of definition

Detailed Description

Class to convert port to signal info.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SignalInfoPort()

ilang::SignalInfoPort::SignalInfoPort ( ast_port_declaration *  def,
const std::string &  full_name,
VerilogAnalyzerBase::hierarchical_name_type  tp,
const std::map< std::string, int > *const  width_info,
const VerilogAnalyzer _ana 

Constructor: from ast_port_declaration – will parse the parameters of itself

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