ilang  1.0.2
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ilang::InstrSeq Class Reference

Instruction Sequencing does: More...

#include <transition.h>

Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr< InstrSeqInstrSeqPtr
 Pointer type for passing around InstrSeq.
typedef InstrTranEdge::ItEdgePtr ItEdgePtr
 Pointer type for passing around InstrTranEdge.
typedef InstrTranNode::ItNodePtr ItNodePtr
 Pointer type for passing around InstrTranNode.
typedef KeyVec< InstrPtr, size_t > InstrIdxKeyVec
 Type for the sorted index key-vector.
typedef std::shared_ptr< InstrIdxKeyVecInstrIdxKeyVecPtr
 Pointer type for the sorted index key-vector.

Public Member Functions

 InstrSeq ()
 Default constructor.
 ~InstrSeq ()
 Default destructor.
void clear ()
 Reset all stored sequences.
void AddTran (const InstrPtr src, const InstrPtr dst, const ExprPtr cnd)
 Add one transition to the set.
bool CheckTransition () const
 Check the transition condition for each edge is valid.
InstrIdxKeyVecPtr Sort ()
 Sort the instructions based on the control flow.

Static Public Member Functions

static InstrSeqPtr New ()
 Create a new ITG, used for hiding implementation specific types.

Detailed Description

Instruction Sequencing does:

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