ilang  1.0.2
ILAng: A Modeling and Verification Platform for SoCs
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ilang::FuncObjRewrIla Class Reference

Function object for rewriting ILA tree. More...

#include <rewrite_ila.h>

Public Types

typedef CnstIlaMap IlaMap
 Type for storing ILA to ILA mapping.

Public Member Functions

 FuncObjRewrIla (const IlaMap &ila_map, const ExprMap &expr_map)
InstrLvlAbsPtr get (const InstrLvlAbsCnstPtr m) const
 Return the mapped ILA.
bool pre (const InstrLvlAbsCnstPtr src)
 Pre-processing: create new ILA based on the given source.
void post (const InstrLvlAbsCnstPtr src) const

Detailed Description

Function object for rewriting ILA tree.

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